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Drabble: Sweet Kyu

Title: Sweet Kyu
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun (WonKyu)
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Super Junior Timeline
Type: One-shot
Warning/s: Kissing, Touching, Fluff [and I mean too much fluff] (*^_^*)
Summary: A different Kyuhyun during their KCon L.A. Show... because he wanted to make the most of their time left together...

Author's Note: Inspired by a Sweaty Siwon in their KCON L.A... because I find him too sexy and wondered what Kyuhyun thought.. haha! It is like a prequel of my enlistment story. Enjoy folks!

Siwon was sweating more than usual... and Kyuhyun found him too sexy in this state.

As soon as they got off the stage and got in their changing room, the taller male grabbed a bunch of tissues to wipe off the sweat on his face, only to be intercepted by his boyfriend.

"Gimme that..." the maknae took the tissue from his hand and started to dab it on Siwon's forehead.

"Babe..." Siwon was a bit surprised at his lover's gesture.

"Tsk..." Kyuhyun interrupted his boyfriend with a smirk before he could continue with what he will say. "Look at you. All sweaty and looking hot."

Kyuhyun stared at Siwon's big black orbs and smiled. Then, traced with his eyes the droplets of perspiration from the side of Siwon's cheek and lovingly wiped them off.

The rest of Super Junior started to crowd their changing room, but Kyuhyun didn't care.

"Kyu... babe... I am loving this side of you. My sweet Kyu." Siwon locked his gaze with the younger and pulled him closer by the waist.

"Tsk... I've always been sweet, Mr. Choi."

"But not this showy, hon." Siwon taps Kyuhyun's nose and smiled.

Kyuhyun wrinkles his nose , stole a quick kiss from Siwon, then smiled at his boyfriend.

Siwon replied back with a peck and smiled back. Kyuhyun wiped another drop of sweat coming down from his boyfriend's hairline. Siwon kissed him again. Kyuhyun didn't complain and proceeded to wiping the taller male's perspiration on his neck. Siwon left a peck on Kyuhyun's lips after.

"Ya! Must you do that everytime?" Kyuhyun pouted but deep inside, he was enjoying what his boyfriend was doing.

Siwon bit his lower lip and stared at the younger's pout before meeting it with his own.


"Your fault for being too sweet and too cute." Siwon winked.

That earned the older male an eye roll from the younger. "Tsk! Now, will you please remove that vest and shirt? Or do you really wanna catch a cold?"

Kyuhyun wriggled loose from his boyfriend's grip on his waist so Siwon can strip his upper clothing off. When the taller male started to remove his shirt, Kyuhyun grabbed a towel from his things.

"Now, turn around, sweetie." Kyuhyun ordered.

The older male obliged and Kyuhyun started wiping the sweat off Siwon's back. Siwon was touched. It is rare to see this side of his boyfriend.



"Can Sweet Kyu stay for a long time?"

"You are loving it, aren't you?"

Siwon turned around and wrapped his arms around Kyuhyun's waist once more, pulling him closer. "Yes, babe.. so much."

Kyuhyun anchored his arms around his tall boyfriend's neck, dangling the towel from the back. "You're lucky... I plan to make the most of our time left together so you will see more of Sweet Kyu." Kyuhyun leaned over to capture those bow-shaped lips.

Our time left together...

Siwon looked into Kyuhyun's eyes, the latter seeing the sadness in his lover's eyes all of a sudden.

"Hey..." Kyuhyun caressed Siwon's face. "Let's not think about it and enjoy our time together, okay?" The maknae wished he didn't say what he said.

Siwon kissed Kyuhyun's forehead for a few seconds and rested his own against it afterwards.

"I love you, Cho Kyuhyun." Siwon saying it looking straight into his boyfriend's eyes.

"I love you more, Choi Siwon." Kyuhyun staring straight back. "I know you are leaving ahead of me... so can I crash in your room later?"

"You do know you do not need to ask that, don't you?" Siwon locked them in an embrace.

Kyuhyun just answered by burying his face on the crook of Siwon's neck.

The couple stayed like that for a while, not minding the smell of sweat from both of them.

"Ya! Wonkyu! Time to go!"

They only broke their embrace when they heard Kim Heechul's voice.

"Sweetie..." Kyuhyun ran his hands along his lover's arm.

"Yes, babe?"

"Can we continue cuddling in your room?"

"Of course, my love..."

"Choi Siwon... I mean just pure, unadultarated cuddling, please? Huh? I just want to be in your arms the whole night..."

Siwon laced his fingers with Kyuhyun's own digits and led them out the room, following the rest of the members. As they walk, Siwon kissed Kyuhyun's temple. "I'd love that, babe, if that means locking Sweet Kyu in my arms all night."

Kyuhyun smiled. "Sweet Kyu isn't going anywhere but on your bed, in your arms, honey... not just tonight, but for all nights for the rest of our lives. I love you, Won... more than you'll ever know."

Tags: fanfic, pairing: siwon/kyuhyun, wonkyu
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